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Villa Lisetta is a B&B located just steps away from the river Piave, considered to be “ sacred to the Homeland“, in a central position within the town of san Donà di Piave.

Situated in a strategic point of the Venetian Plain, from here you can easily reach historical art towns such as Venice, Treviso, Padova and Portogruaro, as well as the well-known sandy beaches of Jesolo and Caorle. Not to forget the important Roman archeological sites of Concordia Sagittaria and Altino, these are nearby, too.

In 2012 I committed myself to transforming my dearly-loved family home, where I‘ve grown up, into a B&B, cherishing the aspiration to share with -the whole world- the house Lisetta and Livio, my dearest parents, shaped up with love and enriched over time with remarkable  antics and fanciful displays of collections.

That choice was prompted by my eagerness to pass on the love for my town to my guests and also to introduce them to an area which -I’m afraid- is still understated .

Each bedroom is stylishly one of a kind, spacious and sun bright; as a special treat, bedrooms are equipped with all comforts, so to offer a relaxing stay to the people I welcome to my home.

I had faith in my idea, it is a challenge which has turned out straight away to be truly rewarding and filled my heart with many praises and positive feedbacks from my guests.

This is in fact what prompts me to step forward in going on making my dream come true and in making this dream more and more beautiful every day.


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